SSCS News for April 2016


With Computerized Daily Book 7.5.3,
SSCS Further Evolves its Buydown Handling Solution

SSCS’s back office software adds the ability to process and adjust for buydown checks from manufacturers as part of its total solution for setting up, processing, and reporting on buydowns.

Salinas, CA, April 7, 2016  — Service Station Computer Systems, Inc. (SSCS) announces the release of the Computerized Daily Book™ (CDB) 7.5.3, the latest version of SSCS’s flagship back office system for convenience stores and gas stations.

Icon CDBWith CDB 7.5.2, which was released last December, SSCS introduced the first phase of its solution to automate the handling of buydowns—rebates the manufacturer (often a tobacco company) offers to the retailer based on units purchased. This part of the enhancement gives customers the ability to set up, process and report on buydowns for a finite time period. For the duration of that date range, pricing on items designated as part of a buydown are sent to the POS at the specified reduced rate, reverting to regular price after time period is over.

The reduction of manual effort, computerized oversight, and detailed reporting the CDB added to buydowns handling with CDB 7.5.2 is further developed with the release of CDB 7.5.3. In the Accounts Receivable part of the system, users can now process buydown checks from manufacturers and make the appropriate retail adjustments and current asset deposits.

The feature is designed to be as simple as it is accurate—when the check comes in, the user chooses the buydown record that contains the amount owed (because the retail price reduction is extended to the customer at time of purchase) and with a few mouse clicks creates the sales transaction for that amount as well as a record for the deposit. The recordkeeping provided by the tracking and application of buydowns in this way is invaluable to operators, since rebate checks often come in long after the buydown period is complete.

“Our buydowns feature applies all rebates down to the U.P.C. level, which gives our customers greater visibility into actual versus approximate margins,” says SSCS Vice President of Sales Shawn Herrick. “This in turn produces better profit analysis, which is welcome news for retailers looking to extract every last drop of profit out of their businesses.”

In addition to the above enhancement, CDB 7.5.3 also adds the ability to set age restrictions for items sent from the CDB to the Comdata SmartDESQ and the Wayne Nucleus point-of-sale systems.

CDB 7.5.3 is available now. For more information about the application and other SSCS solutions please contact Shawn Herrick at the above listed number.

About SSCS: Headquartered in Salinas, California, Service Station Computer Systems, Inc. (SSCS) is a leading supplier of back-office management and automation solutions to retailers in the convenience store, auto repair, and fuel wholesaling industries. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience in the industry, SSCS also provides franchise solutions to some of the largest oil companies in the industry. The Computerized Daily Book (CDB), the company’s flagship software program, has been installed in over 15,000 retail locations.

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