SSCS News for January 2018

The last quarter of the year proved a busy one.

First of all…Happy New Year! We hope that 2018 has gotten off to a good start for you, and that it gets even better moving forward!

Though it’s normal for a company to slow down during the last quarter of the year, mostly due to the Holidays, that wasn’t the case at SSCS. In fact, the last three months of 2017 were quite busy as they coincided with several software updates containing enhancements driven by customer suggestions, a cornerstone of our approach to development. Here’s a summary of what we released in Q4 of 2017.

In early November, we released version of our Handheld Data Processing (HDP) solution. It incorporates a continuous feed of sales transaction detail from the most popular point-of-sale systems (POS) to our CDB back office. This capability is made possible by our Transaction Analysis solution which captures POS information recorded at the store’s point-of-sale (POS) and organizes it into actionable information. Incorporating the steady data stream Transaction Analysis provides from the POS adds a new level of flexibility and accuracy to physical inventory counts, especially those taken at the store during business hours.

A few weeks later we began to roll out version 7.5.10 of the CDB. This full featured release includes added flexibility in redemption handling (making it easier for CDB users to match up the system’s output with the format on the actual delivery invoice) and new EDI mapping capabilities that allow the CDB to be even more precise in how it receives and converts delivery information from the vendor. The end result, again, is the addition of speed and accuracy to the work our customers perform. Another ten or so enhancements round out CDB 7.5.10, but we’re not resting on our laurels—we’re already in the middle of the development cycle for CDB 7.5.11.

The last significant release of the year was initiated in December. We rolled out support for the leading POS in Canada, the BT9000 from Bulloch Technologies, Inc. The smooth transfer of sales data from the BT9000 to the CDB will enable us to help c-store operators north of the border more fully automate and gain new levels of control over their businesses.

CDB users that are interested in finding out the details of the CDB and HDP releases should access the SSCS Portal ( Once logged in, click the Enhancements menu and in the list that displays, click the product of choice. In addition, the latest copies of our software documentation are available on the Portal, with complete operational procedures for the new features.

That’s it for now. In the meantime, keep watching this blog for more interesting news about SSCS and the industry in general. Thanks for reading.

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