The Best Scanning Course You Haven’t Heard of

SSCS is helping store scanning personnel help themselves.

This is the first time the SSCS Blog has ever run an encore presentation. However, the benefits of our self-contained scanning course that gets beginners up-and-running on their own is something that bears repeating. Spread the word! The course is easily accessible from the SSCS Portal, for which we provide instructions at the end of the post. If you know a store manager or owner that would benefit from transforming personnel into knowledgeable, self-sufficient scanning professionals, this is a fast, cost-effective way to do it! Keep reading to find out how it works.

SSCS is pleased to announce a new, interactive course that teaches convenience store staff to scan item bar codes for Direct Store Deliveries (DSDs) and Physical Inventory counts using SSCS software on a hand-held device. The material is geared toward those with little to no experience.

Available from the SSCS Portal, the new training module is completely self-directed, meaning students can learn at their own pace from any device that has an internet connection. The basic concepts related to scanning and recording bar code items into the Computerized Daily Book (CDB) are covered, but what distinguishes the training approach most is a downloadable booklet of exercise sets with bar code representations that can be scanned and processed.

This adds a practical, hands-on dimension to the learning process without affecting the store’s “live” inventory. An introductory video explains how to proceed through the exercises. Links are provided to additional videos that explain, in more depth, scanning and its effect on your inventory and pricing.

“‘Practice makes perfect’ applies to any endeavor, whether it be learning a musical instrument or improving your golf game,” explains SSCS Vice President of Sales Shawn Herrick. “The same is true of scanning inventory and deliveries into our back office software. This course provides just that kind of practice by simulating the basic scenarios employees encounter on the job. It’s a cost-effective, efficient way to build proficiency in a process that may at first seem daunting.”

Content was developed, scrutinized, and tested by a team consisting of SSCS support, training, and documentation professionals. Several rounds of revisions made sure that the learning process proceeded in a clear and logical manner while taking into account an appropriately wide variety of scanning scenarios.
Item level inventory management is a core strength of the CDB and the scanning course provides an important first step toward the mastery of this skill.

To access the course, log into the SSCS Portal with your customer credentials and scroll to the blue box in the middle of the page. Click the green button and you’re ready to go:

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