Rollout of CDB 7.5.26 Underway

All new Cost Change report and pre-set limits for items on a POS sales transaction highlight the release.

Last week SSCS began the roll out of Computerized Daily Book (CDB) 7.5.26. The new release includes a brand new report to go along with a number of other features based on input from SSCS customers.

The Cost Change report provides a place in the CDB where operators can view item costs across their enterprise for a period of time they define. Selected filters allow users to filter the item sample, such as by department or departments, by site(s), or by vendor.

“You don’t make money when you sell inventory, you make money when you buy it,” says SSCS Vice President of Sales. “Our cost change report supports that strategy because it allows operators to stay top of item vendor pricing and take corrective action before margins begin to erode.”  

Stores that use the Passport and Commander POS systems can take advantage of CDB 7.5.26’s ability to restrict the number of items allowed on a single sales transaction when scanned at the register. This matches the updated capabilities of the those two POS systems.

Other highlights of CDB 7.5.26 include:

  • An end of shift comments display for the Daily Book Analysis Historical
  • An expansion of the cost change indicators in the “Line Item” tab that include tracking of manual entries.
  • Filtering of the Inventory Items report by Sales Only items.

A complete list of the enhancements of this and every SSCS release is always available to SSCS users on the SSCS Portal. Click here and enter your customer ID when prompted.

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