Roll Another One!

Circle K Roller Grill

This roller grill at a Circle K store in Honduras serves over 400 delicious dogs a day!

Sometimes a simple, traditional piece of equipment, can unlock a huge increase in efficiency. Today we’re thinking about that long-time convenience store fixture, the roller grill.

That’s right, the roller grill. Not the flashiest piece of equipment in the store, which is why you may have overlooked it. But the truth is, with minimal investment and a little bit of effort, the roller grill can become a store focal point for exciting new products.

With the roller grill you can offer gourmet meals and place them front and center for your customer to see. You may think hotdogs are anything but gourmet, but the sausages available today consist of a wide variety of quality meats that look extremely appetizing while they are cooking. When you add fresh, exciting condiments and top it off with an artisan bun, you’ve created a pleasant experience your customer will always associate with your store with a minimum of effort.

There’s more, because sausages aren’t the only cylindrical food. If it rolls, you can roller grill it, anything from taquitos to egg rolls to knishes. The convenience and simplicity of the tool make it possible to sell hundreds of grill items a day with very little labor.

If you are serious about your approach to food service, purchasing a roller grill can jump start your efforts. A variety are available from leading names like Star Manufacturing. With a little creative spark, your dogs might develop enough of a reputation to transform your c-store into a destination. If you happen to be in Canada, you might get lucky and have Anne Marie Withenshaw feature your store on one of her TV shows.

Hey, it could happen! So roll another one, and another, and another after that. It’s exactly the kind of solution that can fuel your bottom line.

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