New Instructional Videos are Here

Customers can log into the SSCS Portal to access them—right now.

We’re having a video release party here at SSCS!

You may remember, about a month ago, that we announced a new set of our most popular training tool set, the SSCS Instructional Video Series. We’re happy to tell you that we’re released our first two videos, available for viewing on the SSCS Portal now (find the specific links at the end of each following section).

Now that content has been locked in and reviewed for technical accuracy by quality assurance and support specialists, we’d like to use the next few blog posts (yes, we’ll be releasing more videos next week!) to provide updated information regarding what you can expect.

SSCS Applications: Working with Taxes in the CDB

Tax day is only a month away!! And while there’s an abundance of free and paid software programs designed to help individuals and businesses process their taxes, only a tiny few are tailored to the specific, complex needs of the petroleum retailer who has to face an incredibly complex array of taxes and other liabilities. Every retail petroleum operator can benefit a great deal from a program that can simplify the management of their tax liability, a benefit the Computerized Daily Book (CDB) can provide.

The CDB’s impressive tool set includes a simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful system for tracking taxes, liabilities, and expenses, so that at the end of each month and year customers can feel confident that they’re fully up to date with what they owe and understand what needs to be yet collected, information the CDB helps document and organize.

Operators know that having items ring up with a correct record of sales taxes collected and correspondingly owed can be a huge chore. With SSCS applications, though, all you need to do is (1) create taxes, (2) assign taxes to departments, and (3) monitor your liability accounts to see when payments for taxes collected are due, and how much is due. If you want to learn more and you are an SSCS user, click on this link to watch our new video that covers how the CDB specifically helps you manage taxes.

SSCS Applications: Three Ways to Create Item Groups

A river of items flows through the modern convenience retail operation. From tobacco and alcohol products to lottery tickets, customers demand that proprietors stock and sell from an incredibly diverse inventory.

Part of the Computerized Daily Book’s power is in its ability to help you manage this mammoth assortment. One way it does so is through leveraging of a concept known as the Item Group.

In simplest terms Item Groups are collections of inventory items you define and associate together in the CDB for a specific purpose. You can, for example, assign items to a promotion and set that promotion’s discount using an Item Group. Another example of use is gathering items together into an Item Group that are part of a tobacco manufacturer’s buydown for the purpose of setting, managing, and documenting rebates owed you.

Customers can exercise flexibility in how they create Item Groups for multi-item promotions and other objectives. Some create item groups manually and assign items to them using a setup window. A second option is using Item Adjustment to quickly create item groups and assign large quantities of items to them (for instance, all products with the word GATORADE in their description, or all products with a negative profit margin). A third option is to walk the store, scan the desired items as an Item Group, and then save the scan as an Item Group so that it can implemented rapidly. We cover all three options in a new video SSCS users can access here.


We’ll provide a summary of the remaining new video entries next week, but if you have feedback on the video series so far including the newest videos or want to make suggestions for video topics that you have not yet seen, feel free to leave a comment in the space following this post.

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