Catching Up on SSCS Products

With half the calendar year over, this is a good time to catch up and share news about SSCS‘s 2018 product releases. The development team works daily to enhance our set of solutions, so refinements and additions to existing software is constantly underway. Sometimes it’s hard for us to keep up!

A few weeks ago we covered the features in Version 7.5.13 of our flagship back office system, the Computerized Daily Book (CDB). However, recent improvements have been made to other SSCS solutions of which you may not be aware.

Handheld Data Processing (HDP)

A number of enhancements have been added to our Hand-Held Data Processing (HDP) software, the solution that allows customers to scan deliveries or inventory counts with a hand-held device and process them into the CDB for precision inventory management and shrink prevention. We continually improve the speed it takes to update to new software releases on the hand-held terminal. The first breakthrough in speed came in the first quarter of this year, and we continue to work on responsiveness so our users won’t hesitate to upgrade and take advantage of the features we’ve released in HDP this year:

  • A feature called flash memory has been added to the SSCS software running on the newer models of the hand-held terminal. This is significant in that information and data is no longer lost during a cold boot, an action that is required occasionally for complex issues that may occur on the device. The gain in convenience and time savings is significant, and alone is absolutely worth an upgrade, if you haven’t done so already.
  • We’ve also added a date stamp to each item contained in the List Scanned Only Items report. The addition of this variable comes in response to a request from customers who find it adds clarity when they have to investigate possible anomalies after scanning.
  • In addition, users can now calculate item cost on the handheld device using the quantity and extended cost of the item. This matches up easily with the format of certain vendor invoices, an example of the kind of flexibility that we build in to our products to align with, as much as possible, the specific work flows of the individual store.

Transaction Analysis

Transaction Analysis—the SSCS online application that captures information recorded at the POS and organizes it into actionable information—continues to expand its suite of reports, each with drill-down capabilities that allow you to get to the bottom of POS activity patterns when things appear to be amiss. Reports and enhancements made part of Transaction Analysis this year include:

  • Adding a Promotion ID Filter to the Promotions report. This helps users speed the process of getting to the specific promotion they want to observe and, if desired, export the filtered report to another format.
  • One of the foremost reasons customers like Transaction Analysis is that it makes it easy to spot suspicious activity at the register—including excessive voids—that reduce shrink and keeps merchandise on the shelves when it belongs there. Taking this user preference into consideration, we’ve added the tracking of void amounts to three Transaction Analysis reports: the Transaction Log, Store Stats, and Cashier Stats.
  • Customers like as much precision as they can get when specifying a date range for the POS transactions they wish to identify and analyze. With this in mind, we added the capability to select time criteria in addition to begin and end dates on the following reports: Transaction Log, Transaction Line Items, Price Overrides, and Tender Line Items.
  • Open department sales are, like voids, the type of transaction that may signal questionable register activity. For that reason, we’ve added a department sale transaction type warning to the Transaction Log to more easily locate questionable transaction patterns.
  • We’ve also added Inside Sales Count, Outside Sales Count, and the sum of both to the Sales Analysis report to allow a user to gauge how his fuel prices affect inside customer counts.

If you are a current SSCS user that wants more information on these developments, please feel free to visit our customer portal and consult the posted information that’s relevant to you and the products you use. If you are not an SSCS user and wish to find out more about what we provide, please call (800) 972-7727 and ask for the sales department.

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