SSCS Announces Winner of NACS Apple Watch Raffle

Ethan Shutika, Director of Cybersecurity at Nittany Energy/Oil, comes up a winner at the SSCS booth.

State College, Pennsylvania is known first and foremost as the home to the main campus of Penn State, which is perennially ranked among the world’s top universities by academic publications.

The mascot of Penn State is the Nittany Lion, named after Mt. Nittany which rises above the town. As it turns out, the university isn’t the only institution deriving its name from the mountain. SSCS customer, Nittany Energy/Oil, is headquartered in State College as well, and its 27 Nittany minitmarts serve consumers throughout Northern and Central Pennsylvania.

Known throughout the state for its inviting variety of fresh food service items, Nittany minitmart has adapted to and incorporated such recent industry paradigms as online ordering and rewards programs. Making it truly unique is that it is one of the rare convenience businesses in Pennsylvania that offers beer and wine, since law requires beer and wine sales to be carried out with a differently configured POS that the ones the enterprise uses for its c-stores—a challenge to less innovative operations.

As you might expect from a forward-looking organization, representatives from Nittany Oil/Energy took the opportunity to attend the NACS show a few weeks ago. “NACS is like a concentrated form of the industry so it’s a good place to see what’s going on in the market,” says Ethan Shutika, Nittany’s Director of Cybersecurity and Information Technology. “Because security is my specialty, I tend to concentrate on the newer technologies and visualize how they might affect my job in the future.”

Ethan also got a taste of the good things that can happen when you spend some time at the SSCS booth: he was the winner of an Apple Watch in an SSCS raffle. “It was a nice surprise to cap things,” he added, “making a productive trip even more enjoyable.”

SSCS has been instrumental in providing Nittany minitmart a technology solution for its dual c-store/wine store sites that allows the smooth transfer of information from disparate POS systems to the Computerized Daily Book (CDB) back office where sales and other data provide an integrated view of the enterprise’s performance as a whole. If you have any questions about how SSCS technology can help you get the more unique aspects of your c-store under control, please call us at 1-800-972-7727.

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