Meet CDB 7.5.19


The addition of comprehensive rebate handling headlines the latest version of SSCS’s flagship back office system.

SSCS is in the process of rolling out the company’s flagship back office system, the Computerized Daily Book (CDB) to customers. At the top of the list of enhancements is a comprehensive approach to managing and tracking rebates from vendors, from set up to reporting.

The Rebates Processing Cycle

As most of our readers will know, rebates are incentives extended to retailers for a finite period of time by manufacturers and vendors. These items are usually sold at retail when scanned at the register, with the rebate being “invisible” to the person buying the item.

This places the onus on the operator to make sure of the amount of rebates owed post‐sale to ensure they are paid. The Rebates feature helps do exactly that, allowing you to select which items are eligible, set the value of the rebate, and apply the date range it will be effective.

Rebate management is a feature inspired by the growing number of requests from our convenience store customers to track what is owed back to the store. The new Rebates Owed report provides the information (and necessary documentation) for improving communication with the vendor.

In addition, the CDB Rebates feature works with the CDB’s Account Receivable module so you’ll be able to track what is being paid to
you, carry over the part of the manufacturer’s rebate balance that remains unpaid, run statements, and make a collection.

Other features that are part of the new release include:

  • The inventory maintenance window easily expands a UPC from a short code.
  • The Vehicle History report and Work Order now exclude values that traditionally are not that relative to automotive repair facilities, such as POS sales, critical inventory values, and spoilage and waste.

For a complete list of enhancements, SSCS users can use their credentials to access the SSCS Portal, click the Enhancements menu, and then click 7.5.19 in the Computerized Daily Book part of the enhancements table.

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