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training on a hand held terminal

Training on a hand held terminal

You find yourself in the cockpit of a 747 at 35,000 feet, no qualified pilots on board. Could you get the plane safely to its destination without training? Not likely.

Now think about your business. The challenges may differ from those of flying a plane, but they are no less complex, with market dynamics as rough to navigate as any crosswind. If your business’ destination is growing your bottom line, don’t underestimate the role training plays in keeping your profitability aloft.

It’s difficult to see the long-term benefits of training when you’re in the trenches putting out fires, but your team’s lack of quality instruction may be fanning the flames. While it’s true that employees who are offsite honing their skills and acquiring new ones can’t perform their basic duties, the long-term benefits will offset any short-term productivity loss:

  • Sustained, ongoing productivity gains.
    Training breeds familiarity which leads to efficiency. If you increase daily efficiency by 10%, you free up 208 hours a year that can be spent on other tasks that grow the business.
  •  Less required supervision.
    Supervision is expensive. When someone is an expert at his or her job, they need less of it.
  • Fewer mistakes.
    Mistakes are costly. An employee that fails to understand the difference between multi-packs and singles can wreak havoc on your books in as little as two weeks. Re-recording the erroneous quantities is a waste of time and labor. Good training minimizes errors of this type.

Thorough training for employees is critical, whether it’s related to a process, procedure, piece of hardware, or software package. When you purchase new technology, the right instruction will help your organization squeeze every drop of functionality out of it. You and your staff will find new and better ways to get the job done. It’s a small up-front investment sure to keep your profits soaring.

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