New Adventures in Handheld Processing

As handheld technology becomes friendlier to use, tracking convenience store inventory by item has never been more convenient—or more profitable.

Tracking inventory by item. It seems like such a simple, essential part of running a successful convenience store. Now, at least.

Back in the day, though, the concept was a revelation. It was a time when the far less exact inventory-at-retail method—basically, the tracking of waves of inventory dollars in and out of each department—was the industry standard.

It was a simple enough process, but then technology, just like the industry, continued to evolve, uncovering a wealth of c-store data that was there all the time but had been too difficult to access and manage. Software could now unlock a rich universe of information that could extend the store’s profitability. SSCS’s management and sales teams basically became evangelists for this new, data-driven approach, spreading the word, about concept and the software we had to back it up, while curating the best handheld hardware with which to pair it.

Now that almost everyone is aware of the power of data in managing pricing and inventory, it’s not enough for a software provider to provide access to data; it has to find better ways to deliver it. That’s been a long-standing mission of ours, as this photo of evolving hardware platforms we’ve made available to run our advancing software attests:

A Quarter Century of Handheld Scanning Hardware

Take note of the handheld device above and to the far right, the Datalogic Memor 10. It runs the latest version of our scanning/inventory management solution, handheld software (HHS). Our latest version of HHS is accessible and more friendly than ever to use, the type of solution our customers requested.

To begin with, HHS runs on the familiar Android-based operating system (OS) that gets users oriented quickly. We also worked with our customers to put as much obvious functionality in front of them as we could, with a series of essential features made intuitive enough that they can easily be described in one compact image:

This is just a taste of what HHS is all about, though, framed in terms of its most important features. What lies under the hood? Well, our sales team will be glad enough to take you through the details when you call us at 1-800-972-7727. You’ll see that it doesn’t take a Herculean learning effort to unlock untapped profit potential.

Now that’s a warm thought for the Holidays!

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