Book-Based Learning Is Alive and Well

SSCS’s latest training tool for customers shows how vital the text-based format can be, especially if it is lavishly and thoughtfully illustrated.

daily_work_pageSSCS is always looking for the best way to help our users get the most out of the tools we provide, which is why we make available a complete suite of training tools to compliment the classroom training our customers receive. Our goal is to make our products as easy to learn as possible, long after initial instruction is complete, so we provide videos, web-based help, interactive PDFs—even good old fashioned user’s manuals. It’s an attempt to provide the instructional methodology that comes closest to meeting the needs of the individual. We like variety.

There are some that say the written user guide is going to go the way of the Dodo bird—that online help systems and videos will render the format extinct. Who knows? In the future you may be able to enter a virtual training environment where hands on is just a digital illusion away.

But we still believe there is a place for book-based training . . . if it is done the right way. That’s why we’re announcing, with great enthusiasm, our latest training tool, “Daily Work with the CDB”.

This is a book that has taken some time in the making. We’ve boiled down the essential procedures our CDB software helps C-store operators carry out in a way that moves logically from beginning to end, but that’s a more complicated task than it may first seem because had to pick the sweet spot between too much detail and not enough of it. It’s not easy, especially when you’re describing technology that is meant to handle all the possibilities and intricacies that make up daily C-store operations. We like to cover all options, but some of the contingencies we handle are relatively rare, and the typical user will never have to consider them.

We think we’ve given it a good shot, in part because the volume is lavishly illustrated to help explain the processes that our users have to go through on a regular basis. It is meant as a complement to our User’s Guide, which we are repositioning as a kind of encyclopedia where you can find every single detail related to our software, including the stuff that you might not necessarily need every day, like setup and specialty reports.

We’d like to thank our documentation team for putting this together, and our QA and training team for vetting its accuracy. If you are an SSCS user you can find this right now on our user portal. You can’t miss the big yellow highlight running across the title, “CDB Daily Work Guide”.

If you aren’t a CDB user, well, you can always become one and get a chance to check out this great new training tool!

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