Coming Soon: The New SSCS Customer Portal

Portal Video Page

Phase two of our refreshed online presence is coming soon and will be of great interest to SSCS customers.

In late August we released a new, completely redesigned website ( We hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy it. If you haven’t yet, well, there’s no time like the present.

You should know, however, that the corporate website was only phase one of our refreshed online presence and that it’s almost time for phase two: the new SSCS Portal.

SSCS customers will be pleased to know that their source for exclusive content has undergone a comprehensive makeover. It now closely matches the look, feel, and general behavior of our corporate website.

Customers will find updated versions of all the features they have come to depend on: tips of the month, user guides and other documentation, lists of enhancements, and more videos than ever before (in fact, driven by customer demand, our team has been working diligently at creating more instructional videos—no less than five new ones are scheduled to debut as part of the portal launch).

But that’s just a start. Even more exciting are the portal’s enhancements. For starters, it is completely mobile-friendly (just like our corporate website andthis blog), and will adjust its text and graphics formatting to best work on the type of device used to view it—smartphone, tablet, etc.


As you can see from the above illustration, this version of the portal will include easy to navigate, sortable lists that will come in handy when you want to find a tip, or a type of user guide, or a software version in which a particular enhancement was released. This is in addition to the portal’s improved search function: just type in the keywords of choice to display a list of portal locations where the desired subject can be found.

Harder to quantify, but no less important, is the fact that the portal integrates resident information to an unprecedented degree. At SSCS, we’re strong believers in providing a variety of tools to help people learn about our products and services, whether it’s an introductory video to get someone started on a product or a user guide that takes a more encyclopedic approach to dispersing information.

With the technology upon which the portal is built, it will easier than ever to cross reference these sources. For example, you can watch a video on Custom Reports that covers all the basics, and at the end of the video, if desired, you can click a link to a tip of the month that provides more detail.

As we get closer to the portal release date, we’ll include more information on what to expect. At SSCS we take great pride in the fact that we are producing high quality informational and educational material that is comprehensive in approach and pleasing to the eye. We’re even more stoked that we create it in house with our own staff. This speaks not only to their talent, but to our committed hands on approach in helping our customers. In the end, that’s what really distinguishes us in the marketplace. The portal will be a reflection of that.


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