Computerized Daily Book 7.5.15 Rollout to Begin

The latest release of SSCS’s flagship back office system rolls out over the next few weeks.

SSCS announces the completion of the latest version of the Computerized Daily Book (CDB). version 7.5.15, which is rolling out to customers over the next few weeks. Here’s a brief look at the highlights, which, as usual, are driven by requests from our customer base.

We’ll start with an enhancement that our Commander POS users have voiced great interest in, the ability to map different levels of scanned coupons to a CDB Current Asset. This feature makes the transfer of information/values from coupon scans at the POS to the CDB seamless, directing that information to the Current Asset “bucket” that you have determined makes most sense for your operation. It’s a convenience that not only saves time, but locks in data transfer accuracy.

CDB 7.5.15 also adds significant functionality and flexibility to our report set. Some key additions include:

  • Manual FTP transfer for all reports.
  • Tab-delimited and CSV output options for selected reports, including report packages that are part of a scheduled task and reports that are part of a end-of-shift event.
  • Improved clarity in naming of file attachments exported from the report. Names are now appended with site number, date, and shift number.

Our latest CDB update also includes some improvements on multi-item promotion handling. For example, the Promotions Maintenance window has been redesigned to include before and after promotion margin values to make the promotion’s impact clearer, information that is likewise reflected on the Promotions Detail report. In addition, Passport and Commander users now have the option to set their multi-item promotions for a specific Day of the Week and Time (Commander only).

Canadian users will be pleased to know that the CDB now supports local charge and A/R transaction posting for the Bulloch Technologies, Inc. BT9000, the leading POS in the country. And Passport customers can now post their payroll data to the CDB, together with a viewer for the data.

This post touches upon only part of the release. To get the full rundown, SSCS users can access the enhancement list on the SSCS Portal (once you log in, click the Enhancement menu and click Computerized Daily Book). The same enhancement list is also available in the CDB User Guide and the online help that we mentioned above.



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