Introducing Computerized Daily Book 7.5.28

The latest release of our flagship back office system reflects our willingness to listen to customers and our commitment to stay abreast of industry developments.

Though they happen frequently across our product lines, a new software release at SSCS never gets old. In addition to giving our internal teams a sense of accomplishment before they move on the next list of software development goals, it is one of the most real, clear, tangible ways we help our customers succeed.

Many of these improvements to our software come right from customer suggestions. Those ideas, and a consistent awareness of ongoing industry developments—especially on the tech side—contribute to the incremental improvements to our products, and that’s what keeps our customers ahead of their competition.

Which brings us to the release of the latest version, 7.5.28, of the Computerized Daily Book, our company’s flagship back office. While it would take a few pages to fill describe every new enhancement in it, here’s a handful of the most notable.

Tender Restriction Handling for Passport Users

Store owners like to limit the kind of tender that can pay for certain types of items, for example, limiting the purchase of lottery scratchers to Cash Only. CDB 7.5.28 allows stores with the Passport POS to help manage and apply these kinds of restrictions faster and with more accuracy. It’s an example of how we work together with our POS partners to ensure our customers maximize the use of their register and, as a result, their store’s profitability.

Sales/Purchases Movement Report

Users have been requesting a way to see their inventory item movement from store open to close, while at the same time viewing money values for the same items resulting from shift sales and purchases. A brand new report, the Sales/Purchases Movement report, delivers the kind of combined functionality they’re looking for.

Fuel Delivery Enhancements

Our development team has made improvements to the Fuel Delivery screen’s agility in providing the specifics of what an individual user wants to see, with an array of new report filters and features, combining different suggestions from different users.

CDB 7.5.28 is in the process of being rolled out to customers, and what we’ve covered here is only a fraction of what’s included. Users looking to find a complete list of enhancements, not just for the CDB, but for other SSCS software, can find them by logging onto the User Portal, clicking the menu item Enhancements and clicking the desired product’s link.

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