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SSCS Transaction Analysis

SSCS’s Transaction Analysis builds C-store profits hour by hour, transaction by transaction.

“Big Data” may have become a business cliché in some corners, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. Just ask any user of SSCS’s Transaction Analysis program, which delivers the real-time insights and profitability that only Big Data can provide.

Transaction Analysis VisualsTransaction Analysis opens a window into your business by way of your POS system, the heart of transaction-based activity in the modern C-store. The program pulls the records from your POS and organizes that information into actionable data that can be used to maximize overall efficiency and your bottom line. Easy-to-grasp text and graphics-based reporting provide a complete picture of where your business has been replete with analytics to help you steer it in the right direction. It’s Big Data in action at its best.
Agile, web-based, platform-independent Transaction Analysis is easy to use. Just open a web browser at the time and place that’s most convenient to you and dive in. Begin at a high level to secure a broad view of activity; drill down to the detail of each individual receipt. All the activity that plays out at the register is captured in real time.

video_captureTransaction Analysis’ benefits are plentiful. You can identify your peak hours by day of week and adjust staffing accordingly; determine what promotions are working best for you; find out which clerks have a knack for upselling; spotlight suspicious activity at check out; and see which items consistently sell with others.

And that’s just a start.

A great complement to SSCS’s Computerized Daily Book and Central Price Book programs, Transaction Analysis makes big data work for you every day, every hour, every minute. Here’s users have to say about it.


“It took one day of use before Transaction Analysis began to make a positive impact on my business. It’s saved me thousands of dollars a month.”

— Gerald Daniel, Liberty Petroleum Distributors, Hartford, PA

“Transaction Analysis has proven to be invaluable—all my managers access it to see what’s going on in their stores. I think the possibilities for its use are practically endless. My Price Book Manager has gotten so used to using the Price Overrides report that she can tell, just by the numbers and percentages it spits out, whether we have a problem in the price book worth investigating.”

— David Tooley, Tooley Oil Company, Sacramento, California

“Transaction Analysis allows me to further fine tune our store’s performance. I can determine my staffing requirements with precision. Until I used Transaction Analysis, I never knew the busiest hour of the week was Saturday at 1:00 p.m. The application is also very specific in regards to the content in a voided transaction. I’ve started to monitor my voids count twice a week to see if anything mysterious appears to be going on. Because each voided transaction is time-stamped, I can pull the corresponding video security footage if I need to and see what’s happening. I’ve caught employees that are running up voids and giving stuff away without spending hours looking at useless footage.”

— Matthew Webb, Webb’s Auto and Truck Services, Bell Gardens, California

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