Ah, The Cashier!


The piercing electronic bark of the alarm clock finally woke you up. Unfortunately, it has been screaming at you for the last 15 minutes to no avail. When the cloudy confusion of your mind finally lifts, you realize that you’re running late. This is not the day to be late. You are in competition for a big promotion at work, and today might be the day it gets decided.

As you frantically try to throw on a somewhat presentable outfit, you attempt to figure out what to eat for breakfast, with the emphasis on fast. Then you remember that you left half a bagel and cream cheese on the back seat of your car yesterday. That should work. You pat yourself on the back for coming up with such an efficient plan, as you head out the door.

With some time now made up, but low on gas, you drive leisurely on your way. You reach to the back seat for your breakfast and try to take your first delicious bite. Maybe that plan wasn’t so hot after all. You almost broke a tooth on that stale brick of a bagel remnant! Just as fast as the hunger induced panic starts to set in, it is relieved by the sign up ahead. No, not the golden arches, the blue and red chevrons!

As your tank is filling, you walk into the food mart and are greeted by the cashier with a warm and welcoming smile. As if she could read your mind, she offers, “coffee”? You gladly accept, as well as order a breakfast burrito. Faster that you can say “lickety split”, she whips it together. No, seriously, have you ever tried to say “lickety split” when your mouth is dry as hot, dusty asphalt and your tongue is stuck to the side of your teeth. You forgot to brush them this morning in the mad rush. No worries, after you down the coffee and tasty burrito, you grab a small bottle of mouth wash from a convenient shelf. As you head out the door, the friendly cashier kindly points out the dryer sheet dangling from your back pocket.

You arrive at work on time, looking, feeling and smelling minty-fresh. Of course you get the promotion! How could you not? You had the help of a maitre d’, a personal chef, a hygienist and a fashion consultant all in one shot at the gas station. Ah, the cashier! You might just have to make that a daily stop!

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