A Tip of the Month and a New CDB Release

There was a lot going on at SSCS this week.

The “Triple Witching Hour” is a stock market term for when three things converge at once, and this week at SSCS, the publications department had its own triple witching hour. We began the rollout of version 7.5.11 of the Computerized Daily Book (CDB), which meant preparation for updated documentation. In addition, today, Thursday, is blog day, and it’s also the First of the month: tip of the month day.

So we’re kind of mashing things together this week, as you can tell from the ‘blended” header photo that leads off this blog.

As usual, the tip of the month is available to SSCS customers through the SSCS Portal. We continue to add additional functionality to key features in the CDB. This includes EDI, and this month’s tip explains the mapping of expenses during the conversion process. Users should definitely check it out, as the enhancement saves time and supports file conversion accuracy.

As for the 7.5.11 release of our flagship back office system, the CDB, in addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, we’re introducing a few new features. These include additional functionality for our Custom Reports module and more end-of-shift alerts than ever. Canadian customers will be interested to know that we have added support for bar code formats that have list, redemption, and tax values encoded within them—as is the convention north of the border—and that we have also added buydown support for the Bulloch Technologies BT9000, the leading POS in the Canadian market.

A complete list of the enhancements that are available in CDB 7.5.11 is on the SSCS Portal for SSCS users. Stay tuned to this blog for new developments and upcoming releases.

See you next time!


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