A Busy Two Weeks for SSCS (Part 2)

Circle K SoCal Franchise Meeting

Notes on the Gilbarco Veeder-Root Technology Conference and the Circle K Conferences we recently attended.

This is part 2 of a look back at events SSCS representatives recently attended. To read part 1, which summarizes our reasons for attending and a synopsis of the Verifone Client Forum, click here.

Now on to the next events!

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Retail Technology Conference (May 17–20; Hilton Head, South Carolina)

The forum in many ways parallels the Verifone Client Forum, in that Gilbarco Veeder-Root is a POS provider that interfaces with our back office system for the transmission of sales data back and forth between both. The conference format is similar, as are its goals: bringing together Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s industry partners and large retailers to network together in addition to hosting training sessions that give retailers insights into industry trends.

Gilbarco Conference Banner

SSCS was a Gold Sponsor of the event and maintained a small booth. Our rep got some quality face time with the vendors and distributors he works with regularly, but had never met in person. This included the authorized contractors that go out on site to help get the POS systems and fuel totalizers integrated with our back office systems. They’ve got their boots on the ground so we can learn a lot from them.

As you might expect of an event with “Technology” in its name, the agenda was filled with expert subject matter covering all facets of this broad topic. The implementation of EMV continues to something retailers are grappling with and challenged by, so several presentations were devoted to it. Our SSCS rep also found talks on the emergence of loyalty programs and how retailers can best leverage them to be of vital importance.

Being that SSCS is a technology provider, the themes of this conference were right in our wheelhouse. It was a fascinating way to spend some time getting acquainted with our colleagues and we thank Gilbarco Veeder-Root for the opportunity.

Circle K Northern and Southern California Retailer Conferences

These two events are probably closer to company meetings than traditional conferences. Circle K uses them to read the temperature of their regional retail units, assess performance in a number of different areas, and strategize going forward. It also gives Circle K a chance to answer questions from retailers.

Circle K LogoCircle K partners and vendors—such as SSCS (we’re a preferred back office vendor of Circle K), soft drink companies, snack companies, and supply chain services companies—are invited to attend because we play an integral role in Circle K’s future planning. We make presentations as part of a structured agenda.

The conference gives us valuable perspective on what Circle K is planning, as well as what’s working for them currently and what isn’t. Conversely, Circle K wants to hear how the upcoming plans of partners will impact them and how they fit in with their plans. That’s why vendors are on the agenda.

Circle K corporate representatives gave a presentation on a new technology feature SSCS had developed to address key Circle K marketing initiatives. Our SSCS representative was there to support their talk by shedding additional light on the technical aspects of the enhancement’s operation and to recommend retailer best practices for optimum performance.

The conferences run over the course of two days, from mid-day to mid-day. The dinner that takes place during the first evening provides a relaxed atmosphere during which partner reps can answer questions from retailers regarding their products and services.

Circle K and its global network of stores play a central role in the ongoing evolution of SSCS. As such, they are a valuable partner and it was an honor to participate in this pair of retailer conferences.

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