SSCS is the solid, dependable type—just like the agricultural capital it calls home.

If you work at SSCS and tell someone that you work at a long-established, growing technology provider on California’s Central Coast, that person is probably going to walk away assuming you meant Silicon Valley. And that’s okay; it’s an easy mistake to make. Cities like San Jose, Palo Alto, and Cupertino host highly visible technology companies like Apple, Adobe, and Intel. Stanford University is in the area, too.

Well, SSCS is certainly headquartered in a valley, and we’re fortunate to be in proximity to to the beautiful Central Coast of California, specifically, the peerless Monterey Peninsula. We also happen to be a few minutes away from our own local four-year California University with a progressive program that accelerates technology students into the work force.

And, well, if you absolutely had to go to Silicon Valley, it’s only an hour’s drive north.

But SSCS is in the Salinas Valley, specifically the city of Salinas, from where the region gets its name. And while our area has a national profile, it’s as “the salad bowl of the world,” an agricultural engine providing fruits, vegetables, and flowers to the rest of the country.


If our company’s placement here seems, on the surface, to be contradictory, remember that we are born out of the retail petroleum industry—our founder was a multi-site gas station owner who understood ag folks need fuel and gas as much as anyone. Then he discovered that to be successful and grow he needed software. When he couldn’t find the right kind, he formed a small team and built it.

And here we are. Over forty years later and still going strong.

As is the case with any place you grow up in and call home, Salinas has shaped our company’s identity. Agriculture isn’t particularly high-profile, but its produce fuels the nutrition of a nation. SSCS isn’t flashy, either; we also prefer to spend our energies on what really matters—engineering technology that operators rely on to succeed. That’s important enough.

And because Salinas has always been our home, it’s only natural that we reflect its long-term stability which is a hidden, but true strength of our company. We’re here. We’re available. And we’re not afraid to commit to our customers for the long run. Give us a call at 1-800 927-7727. You’ll find out how our software can provide a solid, dependable foundation for your store.

[1] There is an awesome natural beauty to the ag lands that surround us. We’ve scattered a few photos around this post to give you a sense of it.